Specialised Assistance and Consultancy

ICCI Melbourne offers a dedicated range of specialised services, both in-house and through verified and trusted professionals, tailored-made to meet your unique business requirements


The ICCI Melbourne can facilitate access to the specialist consultancy services listed below thanks to the network of members and contacts with professionals operating, in particular, in the state of Victoria.(pop up to discover more info)

  • Legal assistance (contracts, registration of trademarks and patents, etc.)
  • Administrative, fiscal and tax assistance
  • Customs assistance
  • Interpreter and translation services
  • Specialised assisted for developing entry strategies (targeted sub-sector and product surveys)
  • Assistance in participating int community programs or international organisations
  • Assistance for know-how transfer operations
  • Establishment of settlement tools (representative offices, project offices, branch offices and owned subsidiaries)
  • Operational support in all phases of the settlement (start up, logistical assistance, staff selection)
  • Extraordinary operations such as technology transfer, joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers
  • Italian company representation service
  • Visa service
  • Credit-arbitrage recovery

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